Dogs On The Arenal Beach ?

The question keeps getting asked: Is it allowed to take your dog for a walk on the Arenal Beach ?

The simple answer is no. The local council of Xábia will issue you a fine via the local police if you take your dog onto the actual Arenal Beach. The reason is fairly simple, the council spends enormous resources keeping the beach clean, tidy and welcoming for tourists and even though you might responsibly collect any remains your dog leaves behind, experience show that others do not, and stepping in a dog poo isn’t really a nice ingredient of a days at the beach for visitors from around the world.

dogs on arenal beach javea

But I see people walking their dogs on the Arenal beach all the time? Yes, it is very common to do so but it is not permitted. Out of the tourist season and late at night the enforcement of the ban on dogs on the beach is quite relaxed. As with most things the Spanish are generally quite easy going and pragmatic about their laws and regulations  so if you are walking your beloved dog on the empty beach during an evening in November, odds are nobody will lift an eyebrow. However, you do risk a fine doing so at any time.

There are plenty of nice places to walk your dog in the picturesque nature of Javea. Doing so on the Arenal beach is at your own risk as it is not permitted!