Dog Walking In Javea

Saw this yesterday from APASA Javea: “Supporting Apasa Javea Dogs Home. There are 230 dogs who would just love to go for a walk and some have never left the pound in 4 years. Spare an hour and make a dog very happy. Thank you”

Went and took two dogs, Sawa and Rupa, for a walk in the orange groves near Garden Center Road … and played around in fields and bamboos at the dry riverbed for a couple of hours. I had a great time with the dogs, they seemed to enjoy it too and even found me a dead snake that was proudly handed over as a present hahaha

dogs in javea

If you can spare an hour its a very small help to the local dog rescue. The dogs love the opportunity to get out and explore – and its good excercise as well. You can just turn up at APASA between 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm and they will instruct you from there.

Heres a few shots from roaming around with Sawa and Rupa at Javea Photos – APASA Dogs

With 230 dogs and very little funding, I suspect any help is appreciated at APASA. You can be a member for 20eurs, sponsor a dog for 25euros, adopt a dog if you would like a loyal companion – or as I did, simply go and take one for a walk.

dogs for walks in javea

Look for Protectora de animales Jávea APASA at

Have an Hour To Spare? Make a Dog Happy !

Many thanks for taking APASA dogs for  a walk along the nature of Jávea. The dogs love to leave the doghouse, explore, run and play. If at all possible, please take a buddy or pals as many of the dogs share kennels. This means that some of the dogs struggle to ever get taken for walks out in nature, as their “room mates” quite simply get jealous, wouldn’t you in case you really fancied a walked and only your neighbor was picked to go?

We now have become very creative with buddies, family members vacationing and this way we can get a lot more dogs desiring a walk in Javea out with friendly people happy to help, even if they are just here visiting friends or on holiday. Each dog walked creates happiness for a living being!

help apasa javea by walking a dog

We are confident that a majority of dogs have sweet dreams about getting out and play in nature or a park, to locate hidden treasure, explore the plenty of good smells and get some personal attention from the kind person walking it. They still find a way to enjoy coming back home to the kennel after, so don’t assume all doom and gloom – the dogs at APASA are well looked after, treasured by the hard working and dog loving staff and all their needs are met as much as humanly possible, but there simply are not enough hours in the day to fulfill every resident dogs dream of a run by the river or walk in the park.  Each and every dog would delight in having some affection and cuddles and promptly go deep into this rewarding those showing them a good time with instant love and appreciation.

I may also say the staff at APASA Javea are fantastic! They work so hard and amazingly remember the name of every one of the many dogs they look after. There’s not enough hours during the day to be fully catering for all of the dogs practical needs, for just that a walker is sure to offer something extra that is hard to accommodate for the staff – time, lots of time. Time to talk to the dog, time to walk it, time to play with it. There isn’t any pressure in the least to make specific commitments, come along to APASA during opening hours, take a happy dog for a nice long walk – and come back whenever you have the time next – you can see more about it on the APASA Javea website

Zumba On The Beach – For Dog Welfare

Beach Dancing Event by Zumba Costa Blanca supporting the APASA Javea dog kennel and their efforts to rescue dogs, make their lives better and find them new permanent homes. Please support the event and the magnificent effort by Zumba Costa Blanca – everything the event generates go directly to the welfare of the dogs in need!

Good morning !

You’ll find a Zumbathon (2 hour dance event) right on the promenade on the Arenal, Javea on the 31st March. Everyone encouraged to come along and join in, no qualifications required, just a sense of humor and some drinking water! It’s all for APASA, Javea’s dog pound who are gravely in need of money. Some superb lottery gifts too, lots of cosmetics therapy options , dinners for two etc, so get your friends together and come enroll with the celebration!

I’m on and Hope to see you really soon!xxx

zumba on the beach in javea

Fun days that help the dogs ! Join in and support the efforts!