Dog Walking in Jávea – Questions Answered

Dog Walking in Jávea. Frequently asked questions about taking dogs from APASA for a walk in the nature of Javea:

Can anyone do it?
Yes, if you love dogs and want a nice walk with one – just head down there and ask for a dog to walk. They will always give you a dog that matches you, so if you are a little elderly lady you dont need to fear equipped with a giant energetic pitbull terrier.

Is it necessary to book in advance?
No, just go round the kennel during opening hours.  They are open from 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Take note that the sign on the door is deceptive, you are not limited to walking dogs from 11-1 as the sign indicates – its perfectly fine in the afternoon too.

Do we need to be members?
No, anyone can do it.  Of course supporting the kennel by becoming a member of APASA, giving a donation or sponsoring a dog would be nice, but there is no pressure or obligation to do so … by talking a dog for walks you make that particular living create really happy for the day.

What if I get an aggressive dog?
You wont be given an aggressive dog. The people at the kennel seem super knowledgeable about dogs and able to determine which one would be a nice match for you. There is nothing to fear in that sense and of course if you do encounter a problem you can just take it straight back to the kennel

Do I need to sign up for a weekly appointment?
No, just turn up during opening hours, no need for appointments or solid commitments

How do I find the kennel?
Check the How To Find The APASA Kennel post

Is it allowed for people on holiday too?
Yes! Resident or tourists, expat or Spaniards, young or old … by all means go take a dog for a walk. It might in fact be a really nice way of exploring the nature round Javea during your holiday to do it with a doggie companion.

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