Don´t Buy Puppies From Pet Shops !

Please, do not buy puppies from pet shops in Spain ! It is a simple but important request and the reasons are good:

  • The Puppies in Pet Shops are often bred in “puppy farms” under cruel circumstances
  • Hundreds of Puppies and Adult Dogs are waiting for adoption already!
  • Do not feed the puppy farming business by buying their products!


Personally, if I see a petshop selling puppies, I will go in. Look around. Wait till the shop is full of people. Then loudly say: “ I will NEVER buy anything here, they sell farmed puppies. You should all go someplace else“. Of course, this kind of activism is not for everyone, but at the very least – do NOT buy the puppies in these pet shops and if at all possible, support the pet shops that do not sell puppies for all your other pet related requirements. There are some good pet shops in Jávea that has everything your dog needs, but do not sell puppies – use those shops and boycott the others!

If you want a new companion in your life a dog is a lovely choice. You can find plenty of wonderful puppies to adopt, train and become part of your family at the APASA Dog Kennel in Javea. Their website is always updated with what puppies and adult dogs they have ready for adoption. Have a look at APASA Javea as your very first stop when you want to add a new little puppy to your family!


Cute Javea Puppies For Your Family ?

Are your kids begging for a puppy? Would you like some memorable awwwwwwwwww moments with a new little member of the family or two?

Have a look at these two sweetheart puppies from the APASA kennel in Javea. Adopting a puppy from APASA means you can come and talk to it first, so you know there is positive chemistry. The puppy will have had its vaccinations, a micro chip and European passport, health checks and blood tests. But more importantly, you get a lifelong loyal companion who will soon grow to love you!


Information about Colina and Colin

“Colina and her brother Colin were found in the campo. Their mother was dead and they hid in a rabbit burrow. Thank god someone was walking his dog there and heard them cry. Both dogs are in foster home now, where they are being socialised with people and other dogs. Next week they will be old and strong enough for vaccination and ready to go to a new home. The mum was medium sized, and we guess they will grow to be of the same size.”

See more about Colina and Colin here