Happy Doggy Days in Javea

A bit of love and affection. The chance to explore the fields, experience the many exciting smells or have a crazy run by the river … that may be all it takes to give a dog the best day in ages. If you have the time it really is worthwhile to nip over to APASA in Javea, take one of the kennels rescue dogs with you and head out for an hour of fun.

It is isnt just a pleasure for the dog – it cant help but put a smile on your face when you discover just how happy the dogs are to be taken out. Its a tiny little thing to do for you, but you get rewarded tenfold in affectionate happiness … and the dogs have a blast!

We went down to the roundabout with a fountain near the APASA kennel and had a mad splosh about for an hour. Nothing is better than silliness in the cool water when the temperature is above 35 celcius and you just had a long walk and run in the fields.

YAY ! Sticking your doggy nose into the fountain to splosh the water around everywhere is the best thing ever! We were soon soaked from top to bottom – both of us.

YAY! Drying off by rolling around the grass like a lunatic is the best thing ever! Luckily it doesnt take long to get dry and warm in the Spanish sun … time for a bit of playtime in the bamboo forest – a never ending source of exploration with lots of strange little things to examine, new exciting smells and a real sense of jungle.

Phew, all that fooling around is exhausting. Sitting around having a break, cuddle times and a drink … before heading home to the kennel after a fun afternoon for us both.

If you want to have a bit of fun and make a dog happy at the same time – just head on over to APASA Javea during opening hours and ask to take a dog for a walk. They always have plenty of dogs who would looooooove a walk!