Veterinarians and Pet Shops in Javea

We all need a bit of extras for the dogs now and then. Maybe they need a health check or an injection, maybe you want some diet dog food or some need dog toys … whatever it may be, its worth knowing good veterinarians for emergencies with the dogs and a proper pet shop for all the accessories.

Pet Shops in Jávea
There are a fairly good selection of pet shops in Javea and the surrounding areas. However I will recommend only 2. This does not mean that I consider those not mentioned bad, but simply that these are the 2 I use myself, they do not sell puppies or have any other malicious practices that I would object to. They are simply good pet shops that I use myself and am happy to recommend!

El Palau De Les Mascotes
Located on the Arenal nearby the Lancashire Bruja on the main entrance road towards the beach, El Palau De Les Mascotes is my favorite place to go for anything pet related in Jávea. They have a super selection of accessories for dogs (and other pets), the service is very friendly and you just get the feeling they love animals.

pet shop javea

Of course, El Palau De Mascotes does NOT sell puppies (which is good), but they do have a selection of other smaller pets for sale such as a strong selection of aquarium fish and reptiles. I am not an expert on other types of pets, but they seem to be looking after them well and the reptiles are all presented in terrariums sympathetic to their preferred habitats. El Palau De Mascotes can also help with basic over the counter remedies for pets such as flea spray and pills etc, which many pet shops in Spain do not carry in their stock.

Overall, this is a highly recommendable pet shop in Javea with a good selection in stock, a willingness to order in anything they do not have in stock and friendly service all around.

Animals – Pet Shop On The Arenal
Animals is a much smaller pet shop with a more limited choice than El Palau De Mascotes, but it is conveniently located in the main shopping area of the arenal so quite handy if you just need a little goodie for your dog, a need food bowl or maybe some food for the aquarium fish.
Animals do not sell live pets generally, sometimes theres a bird or two in there, but it is by all accounts a pet accessories shop. If you are new in town and havent yet learned Spanish, it counts on the plus side for Animals that the staff speak English.

Veterinarians in Jávea
In Javea there are plenty of excellent veterinarians ready to help you maintain the health of your dog. If you need to relocate away from Spain, the veterinarians will also be able to provide you with all necessary health checks, blood works and passports. Exactly what is needed differs depending on the country you are headed to, but the veterinarian knows.

There is no excuse not to take your dog with you when you move, all it takes is a short trip to the vet to get the dog prepared!

La Nao – Centro Veterinario
La Nao are simply lifesavers in my book. The friendly vets are brilliant will all kinds of pets and have the facilities to perform largely all types of treatments and operations necessary.

The vets at La Nao are Spanish but speak English fluently as well, which means that even if your Spanish is limited you can easily communicate and get the problems experienced with your pet across.  The main vet inthere has shown an incredible magic touch with the animals I have brought in. A feral cat I brought in for treatment tried to shred me for just looking at it, but the vet managed to calm him down to an extend where she could examine him without any form of sedatives. I was amazed!

veterinarians javea

In terms of pricing La Nao have almost been very modest in their bills to me, but of course it depends on the treatment how big the final bill is gonna be.

The vets at La Nao are skilled and knowledgeable. If you are going back to England, Germany or indeed anywhere in the world, ask them what exact papers your pet needs – they will know and they will be able to perform the necessary tests and produce the documents needed for you.

The veterinarians shop is located right in the middle between the 3 parts of Javea, the port, the old town and the Arenal with easy parking right outside by the Dia supermarket.

Javea has English speaking vets, proper pet shops with a good choice who do not sell puppies – make use of them. Have some happy times with your dog – and dont forget to support good local Javea veterinarians and pet shops!

APASA Open Night & BBQ

APASA BBQ and Open Night Friday 17th August from 6.30pm till late.

Live music by Barry Peters “The Swingman” at the APASA shelter, Cami de les Sorts, Jávea. Come and join us for a fantastic evening!

It should be an excellent opportunity to come and see the APASA dog kennel first hand, maybe say hello to a cute dog or two and have some excellent bbq as night falls and the swing man entertains. Put a big fat cross in your calendar and go support the APASA effort – you can see more at APASA Jáveas website

Zumbathon For A New Dog Kennel

Zumbathon – marathon zumba on the beach – to raise money for a new dog pound near Javea. Check the poster for more details and see the message from the organizers below.


Some fun to help us raise some much needed spondooleys for the new AKIRA dog pound covering Benissa/ Moraira/ Teulada!! Coma along and shake and shimmy your stuff to the hottest Latin and international sounds, with fab national and international presenters! No need to know how to dance, just come along and follow our lead, or if you really can’t bear the idea, whoopers and clappers are also in high demand 🙂 . You can do as much or as little as you like, the location is amazing, right by the sea, (see poster), kids come free and it’s all for a fabulous cause! Can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning! Please come along and support, and bring your friends and family along with you! It’s set to be the beach party of the year, and it’s right here on the Costa Blanca! See you there! xxx Contact details on poster for enquiries….

Volonteers for the Dog Kennel

Posted yesterday on Javea Connect:

“Hi is there anyone out there that can help in the APASA DOG POUND as there are a lot of the regular helpers that are on holidays at this time if you can spare some time please pop in and offer your help THANKYOU”

So if you can help in any way – please head over to APASA Javea and offer your service

Dog Walking in Jávea – Questions Answered

Dog Walking in Jávea. Frequently asked questions about taking dogs from APASA for a walk in the nature of Javea:

Can anyone do it?
Yes, if you love dogs and want a nice walk with one – just head down there and ask for a dog to walk. They will always give you a dog that matches you, so if you are a little elderly lady you dont need to fear equipped with a giant energetic pitbull terrier.

Is it necessary to book in advance?
No, just go round the kennel during opening hours.  They are open from 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm. Take note that the sign on the door is deceptive, you are not limited to walking dogs from 11-1 as the sign indicates – its perfectly fine in the afternoon too.

Do we need to be members?
No, anyone can do it.  Of course supporting the kennel by becoming a member of APASA, giving a donation or sponsoring a dog would be nice, but there is no pressure or obligation to do so … by talking a dog for walks you make that particular living create really happy for the day.

What if I get an aggressive dog?
You wont be given an aggressive dog. The people at the kennel seem super knowledgeable about dogs and able to determine which one would be a nice match for you. There is nothing to fear in that sense and of course if you do encounter a problem you can just take it straight back to the kennel

Do I need to sign up for a weekly appointment?
No, just turn up during opening hours, no need for appointments or solid commitments

How do I find the kennel?
Check the How To Find The APASA Kennel post

Is it allowed for people on holiday too?
Yes! Resident or tourists, expat or Spaniards, young or old … by all means go take a dog for a walk. It might in fact be a really nice way of exploring the nature round Javea during your holiday to do it with a doggie companion.

Afternoon Dog Walks in Jávea

After a little break due to a football knee injury, it was finally possible to take some dogs for a walk this week. Its amazing how quickly you start missing the afternoon walks and the playing around with a dog …

Prince Ibe – Nervous Old Boy
Went and took Prince Ibe (or maybe Prinzipe) out for a stroll to the fountain and down the riverbed.

I dont know his breed but he is an about 8 year old boy, who really could do with some positive human relations. Whilst very well behaved, able to walk perfectly on a line and rather placid, Prince Ibe does appear to have had some bad experiences in the past. He gets scared if you lift your hand to stroke him too quickly, sudden movements or sounds makes him visibly scared …

Dont get the poor boy wrong. He isnt at all nervous in a snappy kind of way – and there is absolutely no malice in him … if anything he is almost too well behaved and seems a bit too concerned to make his human companion angry. If you stop, he will stop 2 steps behind you – if you sit down, he will stand and wait at a close distance etc but he wont go exploring on his accord like most of the dogs i´ve been out walking with.

See a few more pictures of Prince Ibe


Bongo – The Bouncy Rottweiler Cross
Oh dear, Bongo is a real energy bubble!

Not sure how old this gorgeous little rottweiler cross is, but he still has the puppy spirit and comes across as a very young adult – and his feet seem strangely large compared to his body so he might still grow. By the looks of him he might be a rottweiler crossed with a german shepherd, but Im not sure.

Bongo is basically enthusiastic about life and super interested in everything he gets to do together with his walking companion. Exploring in the riverbeds, running in the fields, bouncing around with precious little finds in the road … Bongo is happy about all of it. In fact though, despite his bouncy nature he is incredibly well behaved and responsive, tell him how you want him to behave and he´ll be jolly to oblige.

Being old, fat and unfit (me, not Bongo) means the stroll in the Spanish heat requires plenty of breaks … Normally it involves sitting around catching breath and sharing some water with the dog … in Bongos case, sitting down in the bamboo field by the riverbed was interpreted as an open invitation to his favorite activity: CUDDLES. No sooner had my ass touched the ground before I had a big jolly rottweiler puppy curled up on my lap … roaming around in joy to get fuss and have his belly tickled. Give Bongo a little cuddle and he will loooooove you … he truly is an amazingly trusting and affectionate dog.

Speaking of behavior – yes he is a rottweiler but that doesn’t mean being nice, obedient or affectionate is a surprise. The horror stories you hear about aggressive rottweilers being nasty has nothing to do with the breed, they are normally lovely and perfectly well behaved. It has to do with idiot owners getting a rottweiler because of its strength and image to pick up their own shortcomings and maliciously training the dog to be aggressive and unpleasant. As Bongo clearly exemplifies, that is a fault of the owner – not a trait of the breed.

See a couple of more shots of Bongo the bouncy rottweiler


Suzy – The Crazy Girl Has Found Mates
I´ve been out walking with Suzy a few times – see Happy Doggy Days in Javea & Meeting Suzy … and she does have a special little place in my old grumpy heart. She is so affectionate, calm and happy when out – but clearly not really comfortable among too many other dogs, so when inside the kennel she came across as a bit of an uncontrollable nutter.

I noticed she was missing today from her normal doggie house in the kennel and was thrilled to be told the APASA people have managed to integrate her in one of the bigger enclosures with a few other dogs. Apparently the other dogs are teaching her doggie social skills and succeeding. Now thats good news for real! I honestly thought she was a lost cause in terms of adoption because her behaviour in the kennel was so wild … but not only will a social life with other dogs probably make her alot happier in the kennel – it will most likely give her a much better chance of adoption too!

With the crazy amount of abandoned dogs APASA has to care for I find it truly admirable and astonishing that they find the time and energy to help each dog individually like that … please head over to APASA Javea and support them in any way you can!

By the way – check out the new Dog Pictures Jávea section!


Dont Leave Your Dog In The Car!

Temperatures are hitting 40degrees in Spain. The beaches of Costa Blanca are full of Spaniards, expats and tourists enjoying the warm sand, the sunshine and the sea … but what about your dog? You didnt leave it in the back of the car, did you?


Cars are no less than death traps for dogs in the Spanish summer! The car will warm up to unbearable temperatures in just minutes under the Spanish sun, even if in the shade, and a dog trapped in there will dehydrate and die within a very short timespan. DO NOT leave the car locked with the dog inside, even if you are just going inside for a bit of shopping or heading to a restaurant for a bit of lunch – a extremely dangerous to the dog and it will die much quicker than you think!

Your dog probably loves to come along when you go out, but remember:

  • Heat Kills Dogs – The Extreme Spanish Heat Kills a Dog in a matter of minutes!
  • NEVER Leave your dog behind in a locked car
  • Rolling down the window a bit does NOT help – its the heat, not the lack of air killing the dog
  • Take your dog with you on a leash when you go out – and remember it gets thirsty too


It may seem like common sense, but dogs die every day in Spain in tragic events where owners have left them in their cars. The owners intent is rarely malicious but the outcome is a horrible death for the dog nonetheless!

APASA At Javea International Festival

The International Festival in Javea is happening right now in Avenida Augusta between the Port and Javea old town. The main feature of the festival is culture, music and food from more than 21 participating countries … but there has been made room for APASA, the local Javea dog charity too.


The APASA Javea stand at the International Festival has plenty of information about the dog rescue efforts, merchandise and plenty of ways to support APASA.

But … to those of us with a sweet tooth the APASA stand is a nice stop for a bit of dessert or a snack during the festival too. They have a wide range of homemade cakes and pastries, miniature pancakes and plenty of other sugary goodies to go with a cup of fresh coffee or a cold drink. Its a real little oasis in the busy festival!

Photos: Javea International Festival – Opening Day
Program: Javea International Festival 2012

Come on down to the Festival and dont forget to visit the APASA stall for a doggie chat, a yummie cake and a coffee!